Born in Armstrong city, Santa Fe province, Crucianelli SA is today the leading company in the Argentine market of seeders/planters with a national dealership network of 62 dealers and products working all around the world.

The experience and the passing decades impulsed us through changes, adaptations and principally the development of a complex technological vanguard: in 1996 we were the first seeders/planters company in South America and one of first worldwide that applied robotic welding processes.

Our mission is to accompany the users through the searching process of the ideal product, customizing the manufacturing because each product adapts to the soil conditions where it’s going to sow. Including the best after sales services, those are our principal differentials.


More than 145 persons in our facilities made Crucianelli. We bet on human growth at the side of professional growth, searching that each working team be as well a human group. This model has taken us to be the successful company we are since more than 60 years.

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Crucianelli seeders are present worldwide, with dealers in Brazil, Russia and Caribbean countries. Currently we export to 15 countries, positioning the Argentine Industry as a quality industry in the international context.


Our 60 years of progress represent 60 years of a growth focused mainly on values. Values that were present in Don Nazareno’s project and today are the north of the second and third generation of the Crucianelli family.


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