Through Raíz, Crucianelli Credits for the Argentine countryside, you can access:

  • Financing for 36 months in pesos and dollars.
  • Financing for cereals for 24 months.

Raíz is the first domestic entity dedicated to the financing of agricultural machinery.

Discover the facilities we can offer you.


New financing options for cereals in pesos with interest-free checks designed for the purchase of your Crucianelli planter.

Other ways to finance your planter

At Crucianelli, we have agreements with the most important banks in the country.

  • Plans in dollars and pesos
  • For 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60 months.

Protect your savings with a secure investment: At Crucianelli, we offer you a 4-year savings plan. Discover the benefits. The latest technology, the best financing:

  • Variable installments in pesos.
  • Allocation through drawing or auction.
  • Quarterly payments/due dates.
  • Flexibility: you choose the planter you want when you win the auction or drawing.

Technology that maximizes your field’s production.


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